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The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has the primary mission of assessing and accrediting Higher Education Institutions of the country. As the apex Quality Assurance Agency of the country, NAAC has practiced philosophy of being an 'enabling organization', to achieve the desired quality consciousness among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), through a three-tier quality sustenance activity

  • NAAC
  • State-Level Quality Assurance Bodies and
  • The Higher Education Institution
While the first level is the organizational effort of NAAC to arrange for third party institutional quality assessment, the role of the suggested partnership with state-level quality assurance bodies (State Level Quality Assurance Coordination Committee -SLQACC and Quality Assurance Cell - QAC or SQAC), is considered significant, both for spreading the awareness of quality assurance, as well achieving the desired coverage of accreditation of HEIs, in an organized and phased manner. Once there is such an initiative of the state Governments in partnership with NAAC, not only the institutions already accredited, but also those which are 'in train' for the A/A process of NAAC, can design, develop and implement appropriate internal quality assurance mechanisms, thereby complete the three-tier quality assurance pyramid as depicted in the following figure and as advocated by NAAC, during its Decennial year (see Naac-Pub-134/SLQACC & QAC/Dec-2004).

Over a decade of its operations, NAAC has made a significant contribution towards kindling and disseminating quality culture amongst the 3,632 institutions that have been assessed and accredited by it (See Table 1).
Table 1: Institutions accredited by NAAC (As on 31.03.2007)
Type of institution Number
Universities & university-level institutions 140
Autonomous Colleges 107
Teacher Education institutions 284
Affiliated/Constituent Colleges 3,101
Universities & university-level institutions 140
Re-assessed institutions 21
Reaccredited institutions 121
Total 3,642